07 PTMSC Auto Continuous Disc Filter

Rajhans Plastic Machines Pvt Ltd has recently developed "Auto Continuous Disc Filter"
Founded in 1995, Rajhans Plastic Machinery Pvt Ltd., holds the privilege of being the first company to introduce the concept of screen changer in India. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure and design studios that help us achieve highly precise engineering and intricate designing process, supported by our strong team of qualified and experienced Engineering and Design Dept. Today we produce 18 types of Screen Changers for different extrusion application including the challenging ours, for clients in India and abroad.

The basic construction of this screen changer does not require the mesh as the breaker plates have micro holes and two more breaker plates. Plastic materials pass through these discs that clean continuously by special scrapers and forward all contamination down from the breaker plate to the small screen changer continuously. This is called 100% continuous heavy output and screen changer.


  • Recycling Plant (Heavy Duty)
  • Non-Woven Fabric Plant
  • Lump OR Gulla Plant
  • Master Batch & Compound
  • Pipes & Profiles

Sp. Advantages / Features:

  • No manual operations like opening cleaning systems but flushing will be automatically drained by small plate changer fitted with this.
  • As compared to other traditional filter, this screen changer does not require any replacement of mesh etc. but runs constantly.
  • Non-stop 24 hrs. filtration gives high volume output with consistent quality.
  • As per self-cleaning screen by scrapers, control of wastage also allows the disc to run continuously.
  • Due to duplex blades, the discharge of waste becomes easier which reduces the cost of raw materials and labour.
  • This screen changer is easy to open for inspection of blades and congestion from the surface of screen.

Sp. Accessories Available::

  • Heaters
  • Harden scrapers
  • Harden mesh plates Trolley attached with screen along with electrical panel.


Operations :
This screen changer is very easy to install with plant and required space and necessary die side and barrel side fitment adaptors. The driven motor is attached with gear box to screen changer scrapers shaft for rotating as per low rpm and small screen changer equipped with power pack for discharge of waste material.

Ordering Information :
Please give the order by filing up the given form to decide the suitability of screen changer.

Working procedure of screen changer :
The wastage plastic material is passed through two parallel configured laser barrel screen discs. A Scraper disc rotates between these screen discs. The circular filter screens are cleaned continuously with scrapers arranged in the form of multi-phase plates which diverts down and convert to small discharge screen changers.