01-PTSC Belt Type Screen Changer

Belt Type Screen Changer

This type of screen change consist of a Screen Belt Type with 0 to 20 meter length kept with on Axle rotate freely with round box. The Screen Changers are having both sides with main body the cooling system and which prevent the leakage and same way heating area (as shown) will be effected to displace the filter mesh with moving rate are automatically controlled by pressure sensing elements of the system. There is no way manual system required for changing or movement of filter mesh in the screen changer.


Blown & Cast film • Sheet line • Compounding • Pipe Extrusion • Tubing • Profile plant • Multi Layer Plant • Tape plant.


Maintenance free screen changer. • No leakage problem due to design of cooling system. • Temperature up to 320° can work. • Length of clubbed Belt Type Mesh. The length from 01 meter to 20 meter with special storage box fitted near to screen changer. • No waste or scrap. • All plastic polymers will be applicable.


Fully automatic operation and no operator involvement. • Belt type combination mesh will be changed OR moved with pressurized system controlled by pressure sensitive element. • Perfect filtering process continues automatically. • Production ratio increases due to non- stop working. • Power saving due to material pressure constant. • Compact design for installing space with plant.


Installation support:
This screen changer will be installed with barrel and die side adaptors flanges. Electrical control panel with sensor system followed by trial for non-stop working. The Belt mesh available in India with good quality.

Belt Type Screen Changer Technical Specifications