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breakerplatecleaner Breaker Plate Cleaner

Keeping in with the spirit of finding new and innovative solutions in the field of plastics extrusion, Rajhans has now developed Breaker Plates Cleaner and Mesh/Filter Cleaning Furnace/Oven for plastic industries. These systems are very compact cleaning ovens with accurately controlled process for cleaning of variable filters/tools.



To clean – Meshes, Breaker Plates, Breaker Plungers, Mould Parts, Extruder Parts, Die Parts, Nozzles.

To be cleaned without deformation.


  • Safe, reliable and precise thermal cleaning process with no risk of damage to sensitive parts
  • Low cost self-acting temperature so no risk to operators
  • Easy to operate heavy-duty door with wheels for opening and closing
  • Short cleaning cycle – 10-20-30 minutes
  • Inside temperature controllable from 0ºC to 500ºC
  • Easy to load and easy to unload
  • Smoke/gas having temperature of 50º to 60º is blown out from the top pipe
  • Heaters and blowers are connected to each other in electrical panel so that it leads to smoother operation and power saving
  • Prevention (or reduction) of production line wastage due to mesh
  • Saves manpower as well as the fatigue related to it
  • Improvement in the quality of output
  • Decrease in the cost of meshes.


Scope of supply:

  • Electric furnace with stand
  • Electric tubular heaters
  • Electric panel for temperature control
  • Temperature controller
  • ‘J ” type temperature sensor
  • Fork and shocks for handling
  • Centrifugal blower (0.5)
  • Bearing housing
  • Blower stand with Motor
  • Smoke/gas exhaust pipe with insulation cover


  • Parts can be cleaned in short time
  • Proper cleaning as per your requirement
  • Temperature controller to control the cycle time automatically
  • Precision spares/parts are not damaged in this operation.

Breaker Plate Cleaner Technical Specification