A_meltpump Melt Pump System For Extrusion Process


  • Tape Plant
  • Woven Sack Plant
  • Sheet Plant
  • Film Plant
  • Tubes & Profile Plant
  • Cable Coating Plant
  • Formed Product
  • Master Batch Plant
  • Recycling Plant
  • Box Strapping Plant (PP/PET)



  • More accurate gauge control.
  • Elimination of extruder gauge variation.
  • Significant material savings.
  • Higher product quality.
  • Increase in profits with reduced scrap & enhanced life of extruder.
  • Increases the output of the plant.
  • Faster start ups.
  • Fast paybacks due to linear & non-stop production.
  • Easy to operate.

Melt Pump System consists of:

  • Barrel and Die Side Fange Adapters with heaters and fasteners
  • Reduction gear box (standard)
  • Electric motor with AC drive
  • Electric panel with AC drive for synchronizing system
  • Pressure Transducers or Transmitters
  • Fabricated main base frame
  • Universal joint with coupling assembly

Rajhans Melt Pump System comes with all the above components as per the process plant’s requirement. Complete installation, trial and synchronizing system finish will be done by our technical team.