01-PTSC Platen Type Screen Changers



Platen type screen changer:
The screen changer is an elemental device. It is used to filter materials coming out of the extruder before the granulation stage. This guarantees a pure and flawless end product. So, it all boils down to choosing the platen type screen changer manufacturer. Rajhans is a renowned name that takes pride in offering the best quality platen type screen changer. Moreover, our large manufacturing unit’s makes us the most efficient platen type screen changer suppliers in India.

Application of platen type screen changer:
These screen changers find use across the different segments of the industry. Some of its prominent application includes:

  • Granule Reprocessing Plant
  • Pipe Plant
  • Lamination Plant
  • Sheet Plant
  • Master Batch Plant
  • Filler Plant
  • Special Design for PVC Plant
  • Special Design for Nylon Plant
  • Lumps Plant (Gulla Plant)
  • Blow Moulding Plant


At Rajhans Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd, we only provide the best quality products. To ensure this, we have established a fully-equipped in-house manufacturing unit with all the modern equipment and machinery that helps us manufacture the best quality product that is free from any flaws. All this, coupled with the expertise of our team, makes us one of the best platen type screen changer suppliers in Gujarat. Rajhans aims at providing the best products to its client; our platen type screen changer offers the following benefits:

  • It is equipped to filter plastic material, thus making it free from any kind of impurities, thereby increasing the longevity of the machine.
  • Uniform quality of end product is yet another benefit of our platen type screen changer.
  • There is absolutely no leakage.
  • We have designed our machines to be easy to use.
  • It also increases the life of mesh, and thus, it also saves money.
  • This screen changer is designed to perform efficiently without using too much energy.

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