02-PTSCWAPP Platen Type Screen Changers With Accumulator Power Pack


  • Granule Reprocessing Plant n Master Batch Plant n Filler Plant
  • Special Design for PVC Plant n Special Design for Nylon Plant n Lumps Plant (Gulla Plant)



  • Equipped with accumulator nitrogen cylinder to make the plunger movement fast.
  • The stations of breaker plates are changed in a fraction of a second due to high pressure.
  • Uninterrupted production due to fast movement of breaker plate plunger.
  • Works in 1/10th amount of time taken by normal screen changer.


Technical Specifications:

  • This accumulator is to be installed or placed on power pack with the connection to Hyd. Pump in the tank as required.
  • The accumulator is one type of storage tank with compressed nitrogen gas.
  • The accumulator specifications are standard.

1) Design – EPE – Hydec etc. and bladder repairable
2) Max. working pressure – 30 to 360 bar
3) Test Pressure – 1.43 times maximum working pressure
4) Allowable Pre. Ratio – 4:1P²/P?
5) Normal capacity – 0.2 to 50 litres
6) Steel – Carbon steel/Stainless steel
7) Bladder – Nitrile/Butyl/EPDM etc.
8) Connection – Gas side – 5/8″ UNF (M) / Fluid Side ¾” BSP(F) -2″ BSP(F)

  • The Accumulator System is costlier but it is also completely safe and a faster alternative.
  • The bladders are available in 4 different sizes based on their capacity – 4 litres, 6 litres, 10 litres and 20 litres,with 100 bar charging and 300 bar pressure capacity.
  • The Accumulator with power pack will operate only with Sp. Electrical Panel.


General Operating Method:

  • First start the power pack motor so that the accumulator starts getting charged.
  • Once it is completely charged, the power pack motor will stop by the pressure set on the automated pressure switch.
  • When the operating pressure shows 250 bar on the charge meter, you can change the station of screen changer and it will change within one second.
  • Normally the accumulator has up to 250 bar only and so it should not be charged continuously for a long time.


Installation support:
This screen changer has Barrel Side Flange and Strain Die which can be made and installed as per the client’s requirement, followed by a trial.