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QC Department

At Rajhans, we are obsessed with quality, so we take extra care at each and every step of our manufacturing process. All screen changers and melt pumps are thoroughly tested several times at high temperatures with dry cycle movement of piston, plunger etc to confirm dimensions of various critical parts.

During final inspection, all structural parts are checked against their respective specifications, and for their functionality. Only then the screen changer is dispatched to the client.

Rajhans products are TUV SUD certified and have CE MARK for quality that is at par with German standards.

We have highly skilled workmen to make proper fitment with quality workmanship. We take all the safety measures for them and provide a good working atmosphere so that it reflects in the quality of products.

Given our experience in screen changers as well as melt pump systems we are in a better position to understand our clients’ problems. We leverage this experience to give our clients better service, because customer service is an integral part of quality at Rajhans.