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Screen Changers: Enhancing Efficiency and Performance in Plastic Extrusion Processes


Are you looking to optimize your plastic extrusion process and achieve higher efficiency and productivity? Look no further than Rajhans Industries. As a leading manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of screen changers, we offer top-quality solutions to meet your specific needs.

Why Screen Changers Matter

Plastic extrusion processes involve the continuous flow of molten plastic material through a die, which shapes the material into the desired form. However, during this process, impurities, contaminants, or even small particles can find their way into the material, affecting the quality and consistency of the end product. This is where screen changers play a crucial role.

Enhancing Filtration and Continuous Operation

Screen changers act as filtration systems, effectively removing contaminants and ensuring a consistent flow of clean material. They help maintain product integrity by preventing irregularities, such as gels, black specks, or other impurities, from passing through the extrusion process.

At Rajhans Industries, we offer a wide range of screen changers designed to meet various requirements and production demands. Let's explore some of our key offerings:

1. Hydraulic Screen Changer

The hydraulic screen changer combines robust construction with precise control, allowing for efficient and automated screen replacement. It ensures uninterrupted production by swiftly switching screens without interrupting the extrusion process.

2. Continuous Screen Changer

Our continuous screen changers are designed for high-volume extrusion applications. They offer a seamless transition between screens, enabling uninterrupted production and reducing downtime.

3. Plate Type Screen Changer

Plate type screen changers provide an effective solution for applications requiring frequent screen changes. They offer easy access and quick screen replacements, maximizing production efficiency.

4. Double Piston Screen Changer

Double piston screen changers are specifically designed for demanding extrusion processes. They provide exceptional filtration capabilities, allowing for precise control over the quality of the output.

5. Backflush Type Continuous Screen Changer

Backflush type continuous screen changers offer enhanced self-cleaning capabilities. They are ideal for applications where frequent removal of contaminants is required to maintain optimal performance.

6. Plastic Screen Changer

Our plastic screen changers are tailored to the unique requirements of plastic extrusion processes. They provide reliable filtration, ensuring the production of high-quality plastic products.

7. Extruder Screen Changer

Extruder screen changers are designed to meet the specific demands of extrusion lines. They ensure consistent flow and filtration, resulting in superior product quality and reduced downtime.

8. Polymer Screen Changer

Polymer screen changers are engineered to handle the challenges of processing various polymer materials. They offer efficient filtration and contribute to the overall success of the extrusion process.

9. Double Plunger Screen Changer

Double plunger screen changers provide precise control over screen switching, minimizing the impact on production. They are ideal for applications where consistent quality and minimal downtime are paramount.

10. Backflush Screen Changer

Backflush screen changers incorporate self-cleaning mechanisms to maintain optimal filtration performance. They ensure continuous operation and reduce the need for manual intervention.

11. Plastic Extrusion Screen Changer

Plastic extrusion screen changers are specifically designed for the extrusion industry, offering reliable filtration and enhancing overall productivity.

12. Self-Cleaning Continuous Screen Changer

Self-cleaning continuous screen changers provide automated cleaning mechanisms to remove impurities and maintain optimal filtration performance. They enable continuous operation and minimize manual intervention.

Choose Rajhans Industries for Superior Quality

At Rajhans Industries, we take pride in delivering the best quality extruder screen changers. Our products are manufactured using advanced technology and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure exceptional performance and durability.

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We are proud members of organizations like PMMIA, actively contributing to the growth and development of the industry.

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