01-PTSC Single Plunger Continuous Screen Changer

Single Plunger Continuous Screen Changer

The Basic constructions of this screen changer are having two screen cavities so melt flow passes 100% to output after filtration and 50% during one cavities under mesh changing operation considering double filtration area.


Blow Moulding Machine • Film Line • Sheet Extension Line • Palletizing/Recycle Plant • Pipe Plant • Blown Film (Multilayer) • Tape Line


Heavy area of filtration available • Non-stop working without stopping line • Easy to operate with mesh changing • No disturbance with current product while mesh changing • Maximum utilization of plant • Consistent quality of product will be two cavities for bigger filtration area.


Accessories available:
Special adaptors for Barrel & Die Side as per the specification. • Hand trolley for mounting screen changer. • Spare screen packs and heaters. • Hydraulic cylinder with hose pipes.

Installation support:

Complete installation work will be carried out by providing Barrel & Die side Flange Adapters. The following figures showing the complete process of continuous of melt flow with both the cavities OR breaker plate. The continuous process (filtration) of this screen changer operations, mesh changing operation, pre-filling operations, and air venting process for both cavities are shown separately in below figures.